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  • Emotional Intelligence

In this short clip, the speaker explains the significance of emotional intelligence for managers and briefly summarises the research of Dr Daniel Goleman, who found that whilst the technical and analytic skills of managers typically won them their job – what was key to any further career progression was their level of emotional intelligence (EQ)

The five key capabilities that are core to emotional intelligence are concisely described. 

  • Personal Development

This short 3 minute clip features one of the great personal development speakers of our time, Brian Tracey.

He shares some thoughts on the dynamics around personal development, and the process of learning and improving our capabilities. One of his points is that the development process may begin with an explosion of growth, but then it will be followed by a period in which we “plateau”. This is where unfortunately too many people then give up – rather than persist, because typically the growth plateau will eventually be followed by another explosive growth phase.

  • Stress Management At Work

A psychologist offers some good practical advice on how to deal with excessive stress at work. She explains that while some stress and pressure can energise us and give us an edge, helping us to perform at our best, too much stress will be counter-productive.

This  is when we can begin to make mistakes and errors of   judgement that we would not usually make …… and this when we need to be able to apply some stress management techniques!

Another useful short clip that offers a range of both physical and mental strategies for dealing with stress. For example, it explains the importance of some vitamins during times of stress, as well as particular minerals the body needs. Another tip relates to the use of exercise in producing endorphins, which help counter stress chenicals in the body. See what you think …

  • Time Management

This is a clip in which highly respected speaker and author, David Allen, shares some of the  excellent priciples and techniques from his best-selling book “Making It All Work”. He explains the importance of keeping a sense of perspective, and how to gain some control over the multitude of demands that you face in life.

We all know from experience, that when we fail to apply basic time management disciplines that we usually end up over-commited and stressed out! And as managers, the effects of our time management problems can be multiplied because our team depends on the clarity of our planning, direction and decision-making. So it is important for us to regularly remind ourselves of time management principles.

One of David Allen’s tips is to learn how to capture what’s on your mind as an indicator of what you may need to focus upon. He reminds us of the need to fisrt clarify desired outcomes before commencing to plan and organise activities. A measure of how effective we will be in life is how quickly we can recover from interruptions, by regaining our perspective and control to get the important things done.

See what you think of this six minute clip, in which he summarises the key ideas from his book …

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