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Public Management Courses

  • NEXT PUBLIC Management Skills course on May 4, 5  2017

We schedule our two day intensive public management course in Melbourne every 7 – 8 weeks. So why not contact us to discuss what you’re looking for, learn more about the course content – and determine whether it is the right management and leadership skills training for your needs. Visit Management skills course Melbourne for details of the date and scope of the course

Some of our previous Management & Leadership course – held in the past …..

A terrific group of participants – keen to learn and improve their people management skills. Encouraging each other and sharing their concerns and experiences with each other in a candid manner.

Matt and Chris from Computershare, Aurelian and Kathryn from Reactive, Danielle from Linen Moore, Nikki from Bayside Health, Daniel and Sammy from Elastomers, Radha from Medicare Local and Christian from the NSC Group. All have thrown themselves into the course, participating actively, engaging in some critical self-assessment and challenging themselves with some skill development exercises.

Although coming from different industries, people have found that they share much in common, in terms of people management challenges that they encounter and workplace frustrations they experience.

  • Public Management Skills course – March 15, 16  2012

The course was a great introduction to essentail management techniques for six of the eight participants – who were somewhat new to management. The other two participants were more experienced in the management role and found it a great opportunity to consolidate what thye had been learning and ploish some existing management skills

  • Management & Leadership Skills Public Course in Melbourn

On August 18, 19 2011, we delivered our two day public course  “Management & Leadership Skills”, in Melbourne (Mitcham) with eight participants from both public and private sector organisations. Our next course is Sept 22, 23

The two day course is ideal for those who may be new to a management or leadership role and are wanting to gain a better understanding of what their organisation expects of them (as well as what their staff expect of them). This course is both highly interactive and practical, and offers plenty of proven  techniques that a manager needs in order to provide effective leadership to their staff.

You will build greater self-confidence as a leader by learning more about ….

– Motivation & Leadership Styles, and when to adjust your leadership style with different staff members so as to get the best out of them

– Perfrmance Management – setting and monitoring performance standards; dealing with performance concerns with staff, in a constructive way

– Delegation & Coaching

– Building Teamwork & Team Morale – leading group meetings, understanding different personalities in the team, creating common purpose

– Time management – staying organised

– Emotional Intelligence – essential for building relationships

– Introducing Change

Why not give us a call, to discuss whether it’s the right management training for you –

Phone (03 )9725 3777

  • Feb Course, 2011

Earlier this year,  at our February public course I had the great pleasure of working with a group of people from a mixture of public and private sector organisations

The group included Fiona, from Victoria University, was at the course for development purposes and although not yet in a management position, showed both the insight and eagernees to learn that are core leadership qualities. Paul (National Sales & Business Development manager) was somewhat new to management and was hungry to learn as much as possible about managing and motivating staff

Kate (federal government), Don (Logistics & Distribution manager) and Jade (retail sector, store manager) were fairly experienced managers – however their teams had grown considerably in size within a short period of time.

Peter, (station manager, Metropolitan Fire Brigade) was a very experienced manager who was happy to gain some ideas that might help him polish his existing skills. Peter shared many of his personal management experiences that added further to the depth of the course – particularly managing people in high pressure situations.

This is a great management training course that can provide clear direction to new managers about what is expected of them …..and how things change when moving from a “doing” role to the management position.  The course offers plenty of opportunity for participants to raise specific issues or concerns they may be encountering from their workplace and the chance to gain advice and different perspective from other managers.

So often participants discover that even though they may come from fifferent sectors, there are many similarities in the people management frustrations and challenges they are facing

management training


  • Management & Leadership Skills course – March 24, 25

Our second public management course of the year has again brought together a great group of people from a divers range of industries. Most are fairly new to a management or team leader role, with generally less than two years experience. All are commited to their professional development and gaining extra skills and techniques that can help improve their leadership effectiveness

We have Carmen, who looks after the Alumni group within a major Melbourne university; Rebecca who manages the accounting and finance function within a  large private school; Shauna is the National Research Manager of a large sports Association; Brad is the Team Leader of a sales froup within an adventure travel organisation; Sara manages a large group of nurse educators and Manmeet is a senior Medical Resident at a large Melbourne hospital.

Despite the very different working environments, we have again found much in the way of “common ground” amongst participants …. recognising that people management principles and leadership skills are transferrable across these different environments. There are many common factors that impact upon staff motivation and also their own leadership productivity.

The experience of some members in this course has again reminded me how difficult the transition from an operational role to a management role can be, unless people receive adequate coaching and guidance.  Self-doubt, uncertainty and even anxirty is not uncommon amongst new managers – because there seems to be so much that must be learned.

Yes, gaining more experience will help to build confidence – but just as important is having the opportunity to reflect upon that experience and sreceive some guidance in helping identify addtional strategies and thought processes that a manager must employ.

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  1. I had the good fortune to be sent to a ‘leadership and management course’ by my employer. Not only did I learn some very valuable skills for my own leadership and management strategies, I also gained some insight into the qualities and abilities of others in management above me. Sharing experiences with other relatively new managers also helped and stopped me from feeling like I was the only one with gaps in my skills. Brian was excellent. Amusing, informative and very intuitive. The ‘ball game’ was probably one of the highlights and a very pertinent way to demonstrate a particular skill. thanks Brian.

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