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Motivation of Staff

  • Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation

The following video clip features a fascinating presentation given to a group of business leaders on the theme of staff engagement and motivation. The speaker refers to a number of authoritive studies which have shown there are are certain circumstances where offering incentives and rewards simply do not result in higher performance.

Independent studies conducted by several notable universities involved measuring the performance of groups of people asked to perform different types of problem solving type tasks. In particular, when the tasks were more of a conceptual and creative nature, external rewards were found not to aid performance – however when the tasks were of a more mechanical and predictable nature, incentives did lead to higher performance levels!

The speaker makes a compelling case in reminding us of the power of intrinsic motivation and the need for business to create a workplace that will provide staff with …

  1. Autonomy – meeting the desire of people to have some sense of control over their lives
  2. Mastery – meeting the desire of people to learn, grow and improve
  3. Purpose – satisfying the need of many people to feel a part of something important

Prepare to challenge and re-assess some of your thinking on the use of financial rewards to influence staff motivation and performance

Again, another shorter video clip featuring an interview with Daniel Pink, the author of the top-selling book “Drive – A Guide To Motivating People At Work”. He explains the uses of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the workplace

  • Common Management Traps & De-Motivators to Avoid

This short clip offers some great commication reminders in terms of  common management practices that can influence staff motivation …. For example, saying things like “You did a pretty good job but …” can be quite de-motivating. You’ve heard it before, but remember to provide at least as much positive feedback as you do critical comments.

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