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Management or Leadership

  • Hard and Soft Parts of the Role

Here is a ten minute video clip in which the speaker makes a nice distiction between the so-called “Hard” and “Soft” dimensions to the management role.  One of the points is that management is about Control (the “hard” part) – control of processes, procedures, systems and budgets – but leadership (the “soft” part) is about people – understanding their hopes, fears, passions, abilities and interests.

Getting the best out of people requires a different set of skills. The “hard” part of managing in an organisation requires technical and logical skills, but the “soft” part of management requires good skills in communication, listening, assertiveness and an awareness of the psychology of people. See what you think ….

  • Leadership Qualities

In the following short two minute video clip, the speaker shares some thoughts on the key qualities that good leaders display. She makes an important point about the ability of good leaders to build effective teamwork, and their interest in developing their staff.

And in this next clip, I share some of my thoughts on key leadership qualities that you need to cultivate if you are in any type of management or supervisory role ….

  • How To Be A Great Leader

Are good leaders born or made? This question has been the subject of robust debate for many decades.

If leaders are made, and it’s all about having the right genetic material – then there’s not much you can do if you haven’t had the good fortune to have the right ancestors. However, if leadership is more about the experiences you have had, what you have learned, and the environments with which you have interacted – then there is cause for hope and optimism!

Fortunately, most researchers agree that leadership capability, like personality is influenced by a combination of both factors (nature and nurture) and therefore, with the proper management training and learning experiences, leadership capability can therefore be improved.

In this short clip, the speaker outlines some of the characteristics that effective leaders share – in particular, a desire to learn and improve their own skills, as well as those of their staff. She emphasises the importance of being a good listener and showing respect for the ideas and concerns of staff.

  • Fire Them Up

In this five minute book review,  some great tips are offered on how to lead and inspire your staff through the use of your Vision and Values. Three specific tips include ….

  1. Articulate a short, simple and vivid vision that can provide a sense of direction and purpose for staff – the author does emphasise that the vision statement is very different to your mission statement.
  2. Tell stories to help get your message across …… Statistics are quickly forgotten by both staff and clients, However the human anecdotes and personal stories that you share, of where your product or service have helped people – these  will be remembered
  3. Invite participation from your staff in meaningful decsion-making ……. get input from your front-line staff about how processes and procedures can be improved.
  • Management Training Courses

If you live and work in Australia, and you are searching for management training to help develop your management skills , then you might also visit the Performance Development website Management Training

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