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Computershare Training

  • CTS Team Leader Development Program in Sydney (July 2011)

We’ve just completed a 2 day course on “Management & Leadership Skills” and I’ve had the pleasure of working with a switched-on group of team leaders from CTS. These guys are technical specialists by background who now have responsibility for managing the output of small specialist teams.

The course was designed to provide them with the tools and techniques they needed in order to lead, motivate and develop their staff. One of the challenges many of them experience is learning to get the balance right between performing some continued “hands-on” technical work themselves, compared to planning, organising and tasking their staff to deliver outcomes.

As first-level managers, because most of them only lead small teams of between two to five staff, they are still expected to do some operational work – but it is easy to lose sight of the need to allocate adequate time to people management. I am often asked the question by first-line managers “How much of my time should I be allocating to management responsibility?”

It’s a hard question to answer because there can be many variables that it can depend upon – such as the experience level, maturity and motivation of the staff you may be supervising. But as a very broad rule-of-thumb, some say that for each staff member under your “control” you need to allocate about 10% of your time to management. So with 5 staff, approximately half of your time will be needed for planning, organising, training, coaching, leading and performance management. And with say ten staff, you should not be doing any real operational work at all – it should all be about delivering outcomes through harnessing the efforts of your team.

Anyhow, let me thank the seven Sydney team leaders for their courtesy and participation during the recent course.

  • CTS Management Group : Influencing & Negotiating Skills  (Feb 2011)

I’ve had the great opportunity of working with the management group of Computershare Technology Solutions this week. We’ve been exploring “Influencing & Negotiating Skills” during an intensive residential program. and have been using video feedback to aid in skills development.

The management group – Adam, Cameron, Andrew and Stuart – are a bunch of highly motivated characters who share a great spirit of camaraderie. However, as much as they enjoy a laugh together, they  never-the-less have displayed a strong work ethic throughout this program and have been refreshingly candid with each other regarding ways in which they may need to improve aspects of their influencing style and skills.

Each of these managers were technical specialists themselves by background. However now in management roles they need to be capable of negotiating with a wide variety of stakeholders – including clients, vendors and senior management – and find collaborative outcomes to contentious issues (eg. project timelines, project scope and resourcing).

They have engaged in some critical self-appraisal, but have done so willingly – recognising this as an essential requirement if they are to continue to grow and develop as leaders ……to the benefit of themselves, their teams and their company. I invite them to share their stories …..

The management team of CTS

Computershare Technology Solutions management team with Adam, Andrew, Stuart and Cameron

Also, have a look at the Computershare management training program that was delivered in May on the theme of Leading Transformational Change 

4 Responses

  1. We often live in the unconscious competent world, doing things instinctively being that good or less than perfect. Brian has shown me how to be more self-aware, taught alternative techniques, exposing my instincts to coconscious thought and reason, which has given me more options to my management style.

    This week we were filmed and reviewed on our influencing and negotiation skills. It was a great insight into our strengths and weaknesses, and if you are open to constructive criticism, you can immediately take away tips to improve.

    I always go away from these sessions with great enthusiasm and energy to improve my work environment for me and my staff from the insightful learning’s Brian has brought to light.

    I highly recommend doing this.

  2. Thanks for your comments Andrew …..you make a very important point that much of our interpersonal influencing style has become instinctive, based upon many years of experience. And the only way to improve and develop is to become more consciously aware of what we are doing.

    When we learn new techniques, we gain more options in our influencing repertoire, and therefore gain greater flexibility and ability to adapt to different people and different situations.

    As to the self-insight you gained from the course, they were all a testament to your own commitment to becoming the best leader you can be. Cheers …

  3. Inspiring, fun, useful, practical – I could probably go on with the epithets about this training but the bottom line is that it was very topical management training with lots of hands on exercises and great trainer to lead you through it. You will definitely find out your weaknesses and strengths and discover the whole new world of options for yourself as a manager.

    It was four of us in the training and Brian running all the sessions. He had us under control the whole time, keeping the focus and providing continuous feedback. That takes more than just the knowledge. His practical experience shows in all topics raised during the training and that’s what you benefit the most from in those sessions.

    The great bunch of people who attended the training with me made the whole experience even more interesting and useful. Seeing our different personalities in action and getting to know each other will certainly help us to work together as a team. Thanks guys for being so open and for all the fun we had!

    • Thanks for your comments Adam ……without a doubt, the quality of your own experience, humour and candour were also crucial ingredients that went into the mix. Hope you keep up the good work with the influencing and negotiating skills development – you already possessed a strong foundation upon which you are now buildning. Cheers ….

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