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Management Training Melbourne: – Aug 9, 10

2 day management training course in Melbourne to help you lead and manage staff

We offer a practical and engaging two day management training course that will show you how to confidently delegate, motivate and coach staff. Your ability to deliver good business results will benefit from developing your people management skills.

Management & Leadership Skills   Melbourne – Aug 9, 10

This intensive two-day management training short course will provide you with the tools you need to have increased impact as a manager. You will gain leadership techniques to assist you with performance management, giving feedback, team-building, decision making and time management.

You will learn how to adjust your leadership style to get the best out of the different staff who report to you. This is a course with a practical focus, delivered by a highly experienced presenter , that will help accelerate the development of your leadership capabilities. Visit our page Management Courses for more details on our management training

Presentation Skills    

An intensive one day training course that will improve your public speaking skills and show you how to plan and deliver an effective presentation with poise.

For more details on the cost and content of these and other management training courses, (which can also be delivered in-company for your organisation) visit Management Courses Melbourne

More than just management training …

If you are seeking a short management skills training course in Melbourne, then we can help you.

We offer short public courses in both Management Skills and also Presentation Skills on an almost monthly basis through the year. But we can also deliver a wide variety of other training courses in-house for your company. And we can help with resources for your personal development and self-improvement. Have a look at our website, Training Courses Melbourne

In summary, we offer you management training and also much more ….

Performance Development

Performance Development offer you a range of training courses and resources

Management Training Melbourne

Moving into a management role for the first time  requires a major adjustment in how you think and how you behave, and management training can provide you with the direction and the management skills you need to be effctive in the new role.

The learning process can be a stressful time. You have responsibility for managing the business, including the budget, the systems and technology, the busines strategyand the people.

You need to allocate time, thought and energy to planning and organising the work of the team, you need to oversee and monitor that the work is being completed on time and to the quality standard required – and you need to be motivating staff and giving them some recognition for good work

Of all the challenges that you deal with, often the biggest one will be learning to effectively manage and motivate the variety of different people in your team. This is where management training can  provide useful guidance. Attending a management course can help you to develop your management skills and also provide the opportunity to broaden your support network ……. but it is not always possible to easily get time off work.

Welcome to Management Training Melbourne – where new managers can  explore the management capabilities they need to confidently lead, motivate and develop staff. And as a new manager, you might find helpful some of the tips  offered in the following short video clip …..

  • Delegation : A Key Management Skill

In this short clip, an experienced management training consultant offers some excellent advice on the potential benefits of effective delegation, and shares several practical tips on how to delegate.

If you tend to carry too much on your own shoulders as a manager, this will be a very relevant clip. However, also keep in mind that attending management training would likely provide you with even further guidance on how to delegate and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls with poor delegation

  • Management By Listening

This short clip offers a lovely reminder about the power of listening to your staff. The speaker is an experienced management training and communications consultant, who advocates that managers should regularly walk around and listen without judgement, to learn what their people have on their minds ….

  • Managing Your Response To Change

People can react to change in different ways. There are many people however, whose first reaction to change in the workplace is one of resistance.

As a manager, there will be many occasions when you will be required to contribute to, and very often lead, the change process. So it is important that you have an awareness of some of the dynamics around change. This short clip encourages you to reflect upon the emotional stages people need to progress through in order to approach change with an open and positive mindset ….

  • Who Are We?

We are a Management Training company based in Melbourne, Australia with over twenty years of experience in management skills training and leadership development. You can see management training course outlines and additional management articles at Management Courses 

Management Training Melbourne

Team Building – Design a teambuilding session for your workgroup

If you are in a management or leadership position, then you have probably already thought about whether some type of teambuilding could be beneficial for your workgroup.  When planned and conducted effectively, team-building can offer a great opportunity for the team to refresh and rejuvenate itself.

There are many different factors that can impact upon team effectiveness – which can include the quality of your management skills and the motivational strategies that you are employing.  Management training can give you the chance to identify ways of improving your teambuilding initiatives.

The following video clip offers some ideas for designing a teambuilding session  …….

If you are located in Melbourne, Australia and you are looking for an external teambuilding facilitator to assist you, then visit Teambuilding Melbourne  Our management training courses also provide direction in strategies you can use to build teamwork in your workgroup.