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Management Training Melbourne: in-company courses

2 day management training course to help you lead and manage staff – delivered in your workplace

We offer a practical and engaging two day management training course that will show you how to confidently delegate, motivate and coach staff. Your ability to deliver good business results will benefit from developing your people management skills. This course is delivered in-house for your company.

Management & Leadership Skills   Melbourne: an in-house course

This intensive two-day management training short course will provide participants with the tools needed to have increased impact as a manager. You will gain leadership techniques to assist you with performance management, giving feedback, team-building, decision making and time management.

You will learn how to adjust your leadership style to get the best out of the different staff who report to you. This is a course with a practical focus, delivered by a highly experienced presenter , that will help accelerate the development of your leadership capabilities. Visit our page Management Courses for more details on our management training

Presentation Skills    

An intensive one day training course that will improve your public speaking skills and show you how to plan and deliver an effective presentation with poise.

For more details on the cost and content of these and other management training courses, (which can also be delivered in-company for your organisation) visit Management Courses Melbourne

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